Moore or Less: Performing While Transforming

MOORE-or-Less-Graphic.jpgIt is amazing to think that my tenure as your CEO has recently passed the two-year mark!  During this time, I’ve learned a lot about our community culture, our members, and how you engage with one another and the Executive Office. The passion within the community is strong and provides the fuel to keep climbing mountains and reaching new heights! This anniversary provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been and look forward to where we’re going next.

In May 2016, we transitioned our focus to increased member engagement. We saw an opportunity to deepen the understanding and value of the Moore Stephens community within our members. We changed the conference experience and increased attendance regionally while expanding our international presence. We also initiated efforts to solidify the MSNA infrastructure and processes, enabling us to maintain deeper relationships with members and provide more personalized experiences.

In May 2017, we declared an end to that transition and refocused our efforts on helping firms grow through COLLABORATION, INNOVATION, and IMPROVEMENT in a GLOBAL community. We launched our Community Groups program, which now connects more than 500 people across member firms on at least a quarterly basis. These meetings establish and deepen relationships while facilitating discussions on best practices and emerging issues. Some of these groups have pursued specific projects focused on collaboration and business growth, while others remain committed to sharing best practices and learning from one another. This fall, select groups will meet face-to face at our Emerging Issues Roundtable to focus on further building these relationships and increasing collaboration.

Today, we continue our efforts to help firms grow with the added emphasis on becoming future ready without losing momentum. Our industry is undergoing significant transformation led by technology disruption, leaving our members wanting more.

Members seek experiences that are highly personalized, collaborative, globally oriented, and future focused. As expectations evolve, our priorities will remain flexible and open to change for the benefit of member experiences. To satisfy our members’ growing needs, we have shifted our focus to three priorities:
  • Drive external growth
  • Deliver powerful conference experiences – virtual and live
  • Provide value added programs aligned with our strategic themes
Drive External Growth
We will be focusing on two channels – accounting firms and consulting firms. To date in 2018, we have brought in one new member, are in the finalizing stages of another, and a third is nearing the due diligence phase. Spread the word that we’re looking for new members that are growing, client-centric, and future-oriented.

We are also in the process of developing strategy and value proposition to pursue business consulting members that do not have traditional accounting practices. We’re currently identifying member firms with deep, scalable expertise, and hope to take steps forward on this goal soon.

Deliver Powerful Conference Experiences
Our goals in delivering powerful conference experiences are to achieve member satisfaction and continue to expand participation and engagement. We want member experiences that cause participants to actively engage with fellow members and strategic partners about the opportunities that are emerging and may not be fully understood. We’ll bring in thought leaders from inside and outside our profession who challenge us to look at things differently and see future states from alternative points of view.

Achievement of these goals requires an openness to explore different kinds of conference experiences and expand beyond the audiences we’ve always brought together, including engaging more technology and increased diversity. Our conferences are more digital today than they were two years ago, and we’re looking to incorporate a younger, more diverse demographic.

Deliver Value Added Programs Aligned with Strategic Themes
We want to create and continually improve programs that help members grow and add value, fulfilling our commitment to help member firms grow and become future ready. While we will continue to have world class, core programs, we will maintain an attitude of continual refinement to adjust to the needs of members. We will not continue programs just because we have always done them, and we will partner with members and third parties to optimize the availability of programs. 

In 2018, we are launching two new programs. The first creates a member community focused on developing AI and Digital Disruption strategies, and the second provides an emerging key competency that every member firm needs – leading positive change.

As you know, Moore Stephens International is investing in our future as well. In addition to appointing Anton Colella the Global Chief Executive, MSIL is investing in technology solutions that facilitate e-collaboration and connection and developing global programs that will unite firms in creating powerful client and talent experiences. MSNA is committed to aligning our activities to these advancements, providing our members with a consistent experience within Moore Stephens.

This is truly a great time to be in our profession and in this community. While the sight of grey clouds and loud noises of change and transformation surround us, we will not be blinded nor deafened by them, rather energized and enlightened by the endless possibilities and opportunities that are ahead of us. It is time to get on with it and grow together!  Come along and be committed…our time is now!